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"The best surfer out there
is the one having the most fun!"

Phil Edwards


Application Line App - Surf Schools

Surf Schools have a crucial role in Line App.

Surf schools are the stepping stone for those who want to access for the first time the wonderful world of surfing as well as a reference point for those who have been practicing it for several years.

For this reason, one of Line App mail goal is to give Surf Schools a great visibility thanks to several services they can use to update their followers on surf conditions – as the “Surf Alerts” or “Forecast” – and on all their promotional activities.

A Surf School can be added only by a user who, in the registration process, chooses “Surfing Instructor” as profile. Each Surfing Instructor will be also able to add, in his profile page, all his/her certifications which will be visible by all Line App users.

Once created the Surf School, the user will be automatically included in the Surf School Members list (a list including the Surf School Staff) and will be also able to add new Members assigning them a specific role (ex. such as Instructor, general staff etc.).

Each Surf School Member can access the Surf School page directly by his/her profile page in order to share with all Surf School followers all updates on surf forecast and activities.

Here below you can find some of the Surf Schools using Line App and benefiting from all services dedicated to them

Within Line App each Surf School will be benefiting from a dedicated wall in which it can share pictures, videos and all kind of posts. Amongst them, the Surf School will be also able to share promotional posts such as “offers”, “events” and “surfcamps”. Each one of these promotional posts is characterized by a dedicated icon making it identifiable.

All these promotional posts can be also shared within the “Showcase”, a dedicated page accessible to all users using the application Line App.

Thanks to the Showcase, all Surf Schools will be able to benefit from more visibility by sharing all their promotional activities with all Line App Community, including also all users which do not follow the Surf School, thus increasing and maximizing their chance to be contacted.

Each user following a Surf School will receive a push notification directly on his/her smartphone once the Surf School will share an update such as a Surf Alerts, a Surf Forecast or a post. The main goal is to keep all followers updated in real time.

Which are all free services available to each Surf School?

Each Surf School will have an initial Trial Period of 6 months in which it can use all dedicated services without any limitations.

At the end of this period, each Surf School will eventually choose whether using the Application with all free functions (Free Package) or subscribe the Premium Package for a period of one year.

Whatever the choice, Surf Schools can continue to use the application Line App. The only difference will be linked to the available services.

Here below you can find all functions included in both Free and Premium Packages:

Interactive Wall in the Surf School page
Management of the Staff of the Surf School
Surf School’s followers
Real time Surf Alerts and Forecast to followers
Promotional Posts in the Wall
Promotional Posts in the Showcase
Real time “push” Notifications to followers
Only for the first year FREE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION