Some simple tips on surfing levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Each surfers belongs to a precise category 🏄‍♂️

Knowing your limits and your abilities is essential each time you want to enter the water, to avoid accidents and dangerous situations.

For those who want to briefly and better understand whose surfing level they belong to, here below you can find a general and high picture as a way to help you understand better your technical skills (from Level 1 – beginner to Level 4 – advanced) 🪜

Beginner: Level 1️⃣

You belong to this level if you have taken some surf lessons and are therefore able to stand on the surfboard riding small or foamy waves, reaching the shore also without falling. You have of course limited skills in paddling and taking bigger wave on your own but still manage to maintain a relaxed posture, controlling fear and concentration on smaller waves.

Beginner/Intermediate: Level 2️⃣

You belong to this level if you know how to stand on a surfboard and cut waves, without trying those basic maneuvers as comfortably as an intermediate surfer. You are definitely a surfer who still needs to refine the technique but, due to your level and time spent in water, you cannot be absolutely considered a beginner.

Intermediate: Level 3️⃣

You belong to this level if you are a surfer with more technical skills and some years of practice in the water. You are confident in the water, even in more difficult and crowded conditions, and already able to surf medium-high waves, cutting them, both in front and back side. Moreover, you are able to perform some basic maneuvers including “bottom turn” and “cutback”.

Advanced: Level 4️⃣

You belong to this level if you are a surfer with high technical skills and many years of surfing behind you. You are extremely aware of all difficulties of the spots you are facing, as well as able to evaluate all entry points and risks with accurate precision. You are able to ride waves performing a set of maneuvers, even complex, with confidence and quality.

Article by Andrea Bucolo – Line app co-founder

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