Surf School Activities are essential to promote and increase visibility.

👉  If you are a surfing instructor and you have already created your Surf School, you have to know that you are able to interact with its followers in multiple ways. 

In addition to surf reports and surf forecast, Surf School is allowed to share different types of posts. But the ones we want to talk about here are the so called “promotional posts“.

These are the following: offersevents and surf camps. Each one of them will be characterized by a dedicated icon making it easily identifiable by Line App users.

You just have to go in your Surf School main page, push at the + icon up at the right and choose to share a post. Later on, just decide what type of post you want to share and voilà.

Each follower of your Surf School will also receive a push notification each time you will share this content in order to be updated real time

While sharing your promotional posts you can also decide to publish them in a dedicated section called “Showcase” accessible to all Line app users and not only your Surf School followers to maximize visibility. 


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