Secret spots are the new way to get forecast on your secret surfing locations.

👉  A surf spot you always surf at is missing within Line app data base and you want to add it and get forecast on it without making it visible to everyone? Well, with Line app is possible!

You just need to go on the dedicated surf spot section (central icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the application) and then push the “+” icon up on the right of the section to add a new spot.

You will be redirect to a specific pop up allowing you to add all the details of the spot including: name, location, spot type, bottom type, best swell direction, best will direction, type of wave and spot level. All that is needed to make the spots’ information precise and complete

But before adding the new spot, the last option you will be able to activate is the “Secret Spot” one. By activating this option, you will be the only to see the spot in your followed spot list. The main page of the spot will be chromatically different than the public one. Orange instead of blue and this icon “🔒” will appear in your followed spots’ list to recall you that a specific spot you have created is secret.  

But, we have decided to go forward, so, if you have some friends using Line app who usually go surfing with you in that secret spot, you will be allowed to share this spot with them. You will just need to go in the main page of the secret spot you have create, push on a dedicated icon on the spots’ main map, search for your friends in the main list and share it. They will receive a push notification informing of the action and be able to see the spots in their followed spots list.

Easy as a piece of cake 🤙

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