The Dashboard and the surfing world at your hands!

👉  A very new and useful service within Line app is represented by the main Dashboard section.

But why the dashboard is so useful? and why we decided to create it? Well, the first impression is the most important one. Accessing to Line app you will be welcomed with your name and this is the first way to make you much more comfortable when living the first experience with Line app. 

But what about the main functions?

1️⃣ Well, first of all you can add up to 5 spots you follow and have a wider and high representation of the peak conditions of these spots up to 5 days without moving from the Dashboard. You will see the quality rating (represented by the smileys) and the surf height (the main range of the potential surfing waves) and have the possibility to access the main details by simply pushing on the name of the spot.  

2️⃣ Secondly, you will be able to view a wider picture of nearby conditions up to 3 days with details on swell height, direction and period and wind intensity and direction. This is crucial when changing place or country in order to be always updated on the opportunity to find some good spots around. Remember that, by accessing the spots section you will have a representation of all spots listed by proximity. In both case, allowing the geo-localization of your device is mandatory to benefit from these features. 

3️⃣ Third, the Synoptic Maps and Surf Reports section. This section is fundamental to achieve two important goals. The first one, accessing a detailed evolution of swell, wind and pressure trends benefiting from worldwide charts. The secondo one is sharing real time surf reports on nearby spots to update their followers on live conditions. Line app is first of all a community and we believe it’s important to put everyone in the conditions to access the maximum of information available. 

4️⃣ Fourth, the fantastic “Activities and Communications” section. We don’t want to leave you without surfing contents within your blood, This is why we have created this section. Herein we will veicolate any sort of surfing content such as music, books, songs, articles, blogs, websites, videos, surf trainings and surf yoga sessions. Every communication will reach you and you will be directly landing on the specific content’s main page. 

5️⃣ Fifth, you will be also able to access specific settings by pushing on the dedicated icon up on the right of the Dashboard. Herein you can set your preferred units of measurement, activate specific notifications, show up to 5 spots you follow in the first section of the Dashboard as well as set your profile settings. 

So, what do you think about the Dashboard. Is it fantastic, isn’t it?

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