Sharing post to increase interaction and build up a community.

👉   Using Line app doesn’t mean only accessing to forecast, surf spots and surf schools information. It means also interacting with other users in order to share content, request info or and build up a solid community of surfers

By accessing the main page of a surf spot or a Surf school you will be able to share a single post by pushing on the + icon up on the right. 

There are different reasons you can use posts, for example, you want to ask your Surf Schools whether it is opened or has some still available lessons for the current or next days. If you are at home and you want to go surfing, after checking forecast in your favourite spots, you can write a post asking for surf conditions to other spots followers. 

The funny thing is that, each time you will write a post, all the followers of the Surf Schools and/or spots you are writing within will receive a push notification so that they will be updated real time and you will increase the possibility to obtain you information.

Moreover, you can simply share some pictures of your surfing day or maybe a video showing your surfing performance or your great day with your friends while surfing together. Surf School can also share some pictures of surf session or some videos of their surf lessons to increase their visibility and stimulate interest in their activities.

It will be also possible to answer posts by commenting, liking as a way to create and boost a solid surfing community.

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