Set Ideal conditions to exactly know where to go.

🌊  Ideal conditions represent a useful tool to access smart forecast in line with your surfing expectations and favourite spots. 

By accessing the main page of a surf spot you have just to push on the “bell icon” under the central forecast details and a new pop up with settings will open. Once there, you will be free to set your ideal surf height, wind speed/direction and swell direction and activate the push notification. You will then receive a notification when ideal conditions will occur. 

But, it is not over, by clicking on the “settings icon” up on the right in your main Dashboard you will access to a main menu where, amongst others, you will be also allowed to activate two different but essential forecast alerts on: i) spots you put in your dashboard; ii) nearby conditions.

These two alerts, in addition the first notification described on top, will help you to know exactly when spots are active and the swell is incoming and, most important detail, when a specific spot has the ideal conditions for your level of surfing and preferences. 

Follow the swell, follow your surfing attitude. Don’t miss anything 🤙



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