6 Fundamentals of the good surfer

Like every sport, also surfing has its own rules ✋

Respect is one of the main attitudes when surfing since it allows everyone to live and surf in a peaceful and fair environment 🌺

I am obviously not talking of respect as in “The Godfather”, just to make it clear. But, it’s important to remember that showing a peaceful and respectful attitude is mandatory to avoid any sort of problem and accident in the water.

Moreover, we are all guests of the Ocean thus respect is something to address principally to it. Respect the beach, pick up your trash and safeguard the integrity of the Ocean 🌊 🐟

So, just in case, here below you can find the 6 main fundamentals of the good surfer. Something to keep in mind and in your wet suite:

1️⃣  Do not “Drop-in”: Catching a wave already ridden by another surfer is strictly forbidden since it is one of the major causes of accidents and surf “localism”. The surfer closest to the breaking point of the wave has the priority.

2️⃣  Avoid “Snaking”: Acting as a snake and positioning yourself to get the right of way for a wave, making a “S” around another surfer, represents an unfair behaviour.

3️⃣  Reach the line-up correctly: When entering the water or after surfing a wave, don’t paddle straight through the center of the lineup but paddle out where the waves are not breaking. Try to paddle behind surfers who are already up and, in case you really can’t, reach the point where the wave hit and duckdive.

4️⃣  Each spot needs a specific level of surfing: Before entering the water, try always to assess if surf conditions are at your reach. Observe the line-up and analyse both level of crowding and experience of surfers in the water. Moreover, question whether your level of training, your technical preparation and experience are appropriate to face a specific spot and its surfing conditions.

5️⃣  Do not ditch your surfboard and help those who need help: In all situations, especially when it’s crowded, try to maintain always control on your board, keeping it tight to you. Help other surfers both when they are in danger or need some advices, especially if beginners.

6️⃣  Enjoy, Smile, Live. 

Article by Andrea Bucolo – Line app co-founder

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